• Pediatrics

    Kids tend to be very responsive to acupuncture and other Chinese medicine modalities. Treatments are customized to each child’s temperament and specific needs, with all aspects of a his or her health and well-being taken into consideration. After a thorough assessment and discussion of the child’s health history and current complaint, one or more of the following treatment methods may be used: acupressure, adhesive seeds or magnets, cold laser/light (indigo or red), pediatric acupuncture needles, microcurrent, herbal and nutrition therapy. I often refer to the tiny needles I use as "taps" when working with children, and introduce them in a playful, natural & confident way.

    My aim is to first support your child in becoming comfortable with the idea of the treatment modalities, explain things thoroughly, and answer all questions! I may demonstrate the therapy on a stuffed animal, my own hand, or a parent to show your child what to expect. Acupuncture needles are tiny and not hollow so they do not rip the skin like the hypodermic needles children are used to. Children are usually surprised at how little discomfort they actually feel, and often say how relaxed they are and how much they enjoy the sessions.

    Commonly treated conditions in children are:  allergies, asthma, digestive conditions, low immunity, pain conditions, bedwetting (enuresis), ADHD & attention disorders, autism-spectrum disorders, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

    For more information, go to www.kidsloveacupuncture.com.