• Jennie Stiles Baldwin, LAc.

    MAcOM, NCCAOM diplomate

  • I believe our bodies & spirits crave balance. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are gentle yet powerful modalities that support health through helping to guide our bodies & minds towards a natural harmonious state. With the appropriate changes we make in our daily life, we can move towards a path of wellness.

    During our appointment, I'll listen carefully to your needs and we'll thoroughly discuss your condition. Since my approach is integrative, I am happy to work with your other health care practitioners. I believe in collaborating with patients, as you are the champion of your own healing process. Additionally, I'll seek the most appropriate acupuncture techniques for your comfort.

    I hold acupuncture licenses in Massachusetts (#269437) and Texas (#AC01458), and am NCCAOM certified (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) in Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine & Chinese Herbology. My acupuncture degree is from AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine in Austin, Texas. This four-year Masters program includes detailed training in both Chinese and Western medical theory, acupuncture and Chinese herbology, diagnosis and extensive clinical practice. Additionally, I've studied with and been influenced by many mentors, including Dr. William Morris (Neo-classical Pulse Diagnosis), Sensei Kuwai Kuwahara (Traditonal Japanese Hari), Kiiko Matsumoto (KMS/Japanese Style Acupuncture),  Robin Green (TCM Peditrics) and Dr.Mikio Sankey (Esoteric Acupuncture). In 2013 I had the great pleasure of studying and observing in the Chengdu University of TCM hospital in Chengdu, China.

    In my earlier life, I earned a BA in Psychology & Religious Studies from the University of California at Berkeley, and later I went on to receive an AMI Montessori Primary diploma and Masters of Education at Loyola College. After several joyful years in Montessori early childhood classrooms I took a year to travel the world (during which time I was blessed to meet my husband in Nepal), and thereafter embarked on my studies in Chinese medicine. I live in central Massachusetts with my wonderful husband and our two awesome boys ... and am loving living once again on the east coast.